CerTrust Ltd. works on the fields of conformity assessment procedures of explosive materials and technical expertise related to the transportation of dangerous goods. Our organisation is registered by the European Commission under the identification number 2806 as a Notified Body according to Directive 2013/29/EU (Pyrotechnics) and 2014/28/EU (Explosives for civil use). 

Jarn Ltd. is a global heating, ventilation, air condition and refrigeration industry global news publisher with 50 years experience in market. Exhibiting in 25 international shows yearly and reach to decades of thousands HVAC industry professionals with advertisements and useful news articles.

a1qa is a pure-play QA and software testing company. Since 2003, US origin company have been helping global customers, both Fortune 500 enterprises and mid-size organizations, deliver top-rate software products and create exceptional end-user experience.

Providing expert-level QA, they bring business and operational benefits while orchestrating best practices and harnessing state-of-the-art testing techniques.


It's a global top-rated software engineering company, with a pool of 2200 seasoned developers making success stories for over 20 years with global customers. They truly global provider of software consulting services in geography of 40 countries and counting. They are a quality-oriented software development company that sets up continuously maintains high standards of software engineering while adhering to compliant quality and information security management systems.

Software for geological exploration support for miners. 

The AGR system (automated exploration) is a hi-tech up-to-date IT solution created by Russian developers in order to apply computerized documentation in exploration, store and manage geological data with turkish language interface in multi language.

A sister company of Master Drilling Group in South Africa, specialized in raise boring type production of ventilation shafts at metal mines in global, founded in 1999 in Sweden, the company now has experiences from numerous projects and broad geological conditions that make Bergteamet a reliable partner within Europe, in Turkey and internationally.