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Smooth Excavations and Even Smoother Results

The Mobil Tunnel Borer "MTB" is a versatile mechanized solution to excavate a variety of tunnels in hard rock applications, eliminating the need to drill and blast.

  • The MTB has specifically been designed for the unique challenges in the mining sector.

  • The compact and modular design distinguish it from conventional tunnel boring machines and allows it to operate on a 12º incline/decline, while maintaining a 30m turning radius and can be dismantled and returned to surface after the project has been completed.

  • The highly automated solution allows tunnels to be excavated with a smooth circular cross-section, safely and cost effectively.

  • Contact us and we will tell you more about our tunnel boring offer.

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  • Bergteamet is a Master Drilling company, working in mining and tunnel excavations around the world.

  • They value their customers, providing only the best expert advice and tailored solutions for all client requirements, welcoming varying viewpoints and contributions.

  • They accept responsibility for their actions and make and support decisions through experience and good judgment – they are committed to the decisions they make.

  • They challenge the status quo and proactively seek out new, different or more effective methods in order to improve performance and service delivery.

  • They believe in the safe, compliant and reliable delivery of our operations.

  • They utilise tools, technology and resources to maximise efficiency and effectiveness; delivering on time and on budget.


With experience accumulated from working in more than 50 countries, combined with cutting edge technology and our fleet of state of the art equipment, they can offer you the most innovative drilling solutions. They have access to the world’s largest fleet of more than 150 raise bore rigs and are well equipped for any shaft drilling project.

  • Their experienced team is accustomed to providing turnkey solutions to our customers, ranging from the conceptualization and design, planning, project management up to the execution and the final handover upon completion.

  • They strive to execute our projects consistently within budget, on time and with no incidents. Their equipment fleet has the capability to deliver shafts ranging from 0.66m diameter to 8.1m diameter and up to depths of 1,500 meters.

  • Ventilation shafts

  • Hoist and elevator shafts

  • Ore and waste passes

  • Slot Raises

  • Box Hole Drilling

  • Reverse Circulation Blind Drilling

  • Horizontal Raise Boring

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